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Go for the right material

Pick the right lingerie material

There is an extensive exhibition of choices in material for lingerie, far beyond what you might imagine. Let's discuss some of the material you may want to opt for while picking your innerwear.

Here's some technical info first. What is fiber? Fiber or Textile Fiber is a material made from natural or synthetic sources. This fiber is then converted into textile yarns and fabrics - woven, knitted, or nonwoven. It is the smallest visible unit of textile production. Fibers are the building blocks of a fabric.

Some of the most common fabrics chosen to create lingerie are - Cotton, Spandex, Technical Fibers, etc.

Cotton: Cotton is a strong fabric with a soft hand and high absorbency. It can be easily printed, embroidered or dyed. Cotton fabrics are airy and easy to breathe in. These properties make cotton an easy pick for most lingerie designers.

Spandex: Also known by the DuPont brand name Lycra, spandex is a fabric with high stretch, elasticity, and recovery. This makes Spandex great for shapewear and activewear. It is most commonly blended in small amounts with other fibers to increase stretch, elasticity, and recovery. Spandex can be found in both knit and woven fabrics.

Technical fiber: A high demand for sports innerwear has led to an increase in use of technical fabric. These are designed to be worn close to the skin, are highly breathable, and are often incorporated with moisture-wicking technology. These fabric do have a high stretch property too.

Now for some very easy to care lingerie fabric, Nylon: A synthetic fabric, Nylon is exceptionally strong, abrasion-resistant, resistant to damage from oil and many chemicals. It is Light-weight, warm, smooth, soft, quick-drying. It is lustrous and is easily available in a wide range of colors. Nylon is super easy to wash and is mildew-resistant.

Keep watching this space as I talk about more lingerie fabrics


Blog post by Nikita Mathur

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